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Intumex Asia Pacific specialises in a complete range of fire safety penetration seals specially designed to fill voids in construction joints and around service penetrations in fire resistant walls or floors. When a fire resistant wall or floor is compromised with service penetrations, it must be restored to its original fire resistance.

Service penetrations include electrical, telecommunication, fibre optic cables, metal and plastic pipes and ventilation ducts etc.

All Intumex products are tested to national and internationally accepted standards. Many of the Intumex product range also have high intumescent properties which cause them to expand when exposed to heat, forming a high strength insulating char. In the event of fire, Intumex fire stopping seals restrict the spread of flame, smoke, hot gases and water through penetration openings and construction joints.

Intumex® products available:

Mastic & Sealant

Intumex® AN Sealant
Intumex® AS Sealant
Intumex® MG Sealant
Intumex® SN Mastic


Intumex® AB Coating
Intumex® CSP Coating
Intumex® SB Coating

Pillows & Foam

Intumex® FP Plug
Intumex® FB Brick
Intumex® GM Foam
Intumex® IBS Foam Strip
Intumex® PS Pillows

Cement & Mortar

Intumex® FC Fire Cement
Intumex® V Mortar


Intumex® RS10 Collar
Intumex® RS50 Collar
Intumex® LY Collar
Intumex® HY Collar
Intumex® UC UniCollar

Joint Strip

Intumex® SE Joint Strip


Intumex® AX Electronic Switchbox Intumescent